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I teach sewing classes for all experience levels and fitting services for fellow seamstresses

Sewing and Fitting Mentor was created to help fill a void by creating new sewists; renewing, the joy, passion and confidence of a former seamstress

Assisting in improving sewing Success

Thru offering personal sewing & fitting opportunities by using our studio to learn, grow and gather with sewing.

Hi! I’m Renee, the Sewing and Fitting Mentor, which was created as a solution to the search for my own needs as dressmaker.

Having a passion for pretty clothes and sewing; my journey for creating my own clothing started at a young age. I’m the only girl in my family, both growing up and now, as an adult (insert heavy sigh) Often making sewing a solo adventure which created challenges both then and now due to living in rural areas that lack local fashion fabric stores and access to fellow seamstresses. Among the difficulties of sewing solo is attempting to fit one’s own clothing, socializing & getting opinions of other dressmakers on fabric,creating fashion details and most importantly help with fitting markings.

Ultimately, my search was mostly an attempt to find a knowledgeable fellow seamstress that could help with fittings, diagnosing fitting issues and discuss pattern fitting technique to be used for a given project without having to drive over an hour. Also, during the course of my search I had been asked by several friends if I would teach them sewing from simple beginner to basic skills refresher.

Thus, Sewing and Fitting Mentor was created to help fill a void by creating new sewists; renewing, the joy, passion and confidence of a former seamstress and assist current dressmakers through:

  • Sewing classes for a beginners, including how to sew, learn to create custom tailored clothing. Also, sewing classes for the experienced dressmakers to expand or improve current sewing & fitting skills.
  • 1:1 Mentoring services to help seamstresses in overcoming troublesome skills in their sewing or new obstacles in their pattern alterations & fittings of their dressmaking projects.
  • Assistance with garment fittings thru personal, custom fitting appointments.


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Renee brings over 30 years of professional dressmaking, fitting, alterations, and pattern design experience to her students. Along with being formally trained and certified in dress and pattern making,  She’s also a current standing member of the American Sewing Guild.

Sewing Classes for experience Levels

Classes Available evenings and Saturdays thru the end of the year

Do you want better fitting clothing that also expresses Your style?

Investing in sewing lessons to create self-made wardrobe of well fitted clothing, that matches your figure type and coloring will make you look forward to getting dressed and feeling your best everyday!