Sewing and Pattern Fundamentals

Sewing and Pattern Fundamentals

In a set of 6 classes, you will learn the fundamentals of sewing a garment using a commercial pattern. This is a self-paced course; allowing you to begin your classes any time, select your project, and attend class sessions on your own schedule.

Your initial class will review the use of a sewing machine, along with orientation on supplies and pattern selection. You will have some freedom to choose the type of easy sewing pattern project you want to create. The remaining classes will be spent learning the fundamentals of sewing a garment from an easy to sew commercial pattern. Which will include:

  • take basic body measurements and select the proper pattern size
  • You will quickly gain confidence by becoming familiar with threading the machine; practice sewing straight, curved seams in standard seam allowances.

  • Learn how fabric selection and fabric structure affect your sewing success.

  • Choose your own pattern project! Select an easy commercial pattern (McCall’s, Simplicity, etc.) to learn basic construction and finishing techniques.

  • Understand and follow pattern instructions and diagrams.

  • You will learn about sewing tools that assist with efficient & accurate sewing; along with proper fabric handling.

  • The importance of pattern layout, cutting, and marking leads to sewing success.

Class Supplies

There’s no need to bring anything to your first class. You will receive a list of supplies to bring to your second class. You can bring them from home, purchase them from a local fabric store, or online

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