due to Covid-19 CDC Guidelines Sewing and Fitting Mentor Studio Classes, Events, and Fitting services are on hold until further notice

Sewing classes for the journey to success!


Our Studio was featured in the Minneapolis Star and Tribune. You can read more here.

Renee sitting on sewing desk

Are you frustrated with sewing or just don’t know where to start?

Did your last project not turn out despite following the directions?

Sometimes it’s  a matter of choosing the wrong pattern, not knowing how to adjust the pattern for accurate fit or fabric for your skill level. Other times, it’s a machine issue either with adjustment or operator error.

Regardless, often all that is needed is a little help from another seamstress to get you through it.

Hi! I’m Renee, your Sewing and Fitting Mentor, and I’m here to help.

Where are you in your sewing journey?

I’m here to assist you in overcoming roadblocks, to grow and hone sewing & fitting skills and accomplishing your project goals. We accomplish through sewing classes, events, mentoring & fitting services, and open studio sessions for sewists of all skill levels and backgrounds.

Allow me to join you in your journey & assist in reaching your sewing goals!

Online Classes coming soon!

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