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Welcome to Sewing with Mentoring: Elevate Your Sewing Skills!

“Sewing with Mentoring” is designed for individuals who are familiar with the basics of sewing and are eager to dive into garment creation using commercial patterns. Whether you’re aiming to start sewing garments for the first time or looking for guidance as you explore more advanced patterns, fabrics, and techniques, this course offers the perfect blend of autonomy and support. Enjoy the flexibility of a self-paced learning environment, where you can begin your classes at any time, select your own project, and attend sessions according to your schedule.

Your Sewing Adventure

As you progress, the course delves into the finer aspects of garment construction with easy-to-follow commercial patterns, then advancing into more intricate patterns.

Initial Class: Your sewing journey begins with a comprehensive review of sewing machine usage & safety, alongside an orientation on essential supplies and pattern selection. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the sewing pattern project that excites you the most.

Subsequent Classes: Focus on mastering the fundamentals of constructing a garment using an easy-to-follow commercial pattern. Key learning points include:

  • Gaining confidence sewing straight and curved seams with standard seam allowances, alternative seam finishes, learning to use specialty presser foot and other sewing machine accessories
  • Taking basic body measurements and selecting the correct pattern size
  • Pattern adjustment and fitting. Understanding how to alter patterns for a perfect fit is key, and our dedicated sessions on this topic will ensure you have the skills to tailor garments that look and feel great
  • Choosing and executing your own pattern project from well-known brands like McCall’s or Simplicity, covering basic construction and finishing techniques
  • PDF patterns have become a popular choice among sewists for their convenience and accessibility. You’ll learn how to discover, download, and assemble PDF patterns, transforming digital designs into tangible, ready-to-sew pieces. Following pattern instructions and interpreting diagrams with ease.
  • Understanding how fabric selection and structure influence your sewing projects
  • Emphasizing the significance of pattern layout, cutting, and marking for successful sewing outcomes.
  • Discovering sewing tools that enhance efficiency and accuracy, along with proper fabric handling techniques

Learning Your Way

Choose your learning path with our flexible options: join the weekly classes with a monthly membership subscription for ongoing support, pick a 6-session package for more flexibility or project-based approach, or opt for single sessions for focused help on specific hurdles

  • Weekly Class Membership (Monthly Billing): $135 – Ideal for consistent progress and regular mentorship. (select membership in the menu below)
  • 6 Session Prepaid Class Pack: $230 – Offers flexibility for project-based learners or those with varying schedules. (select prepaid from the menu below)
  • Single Session: $50 – Perfect for targeted assistance to navigate through specific project challenges. (simply click the BOOK button on the schedule below)

What about supplies?

Our sewing class room includes sewing machines, cutting tables, and other tools for student use. Once we select your project, we will provide you with a list of what you will need for future classes, and you can acquire the items from home, your local fabric store, or online.

Enroll in ‘Sewing with Mentoring’ today to elevate your sewing skills, work at your own pace, and bring your garment-making visions to life with the guidance and support you need.

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