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Welcome to our Sewing and Fitting Mentor Kids/Teen Classes!

Hey there, Forest Lake friends and neighbors! Have you noticed that it’s getting harder to find places where kids can learn to sew? Especially because learning how to sew in FACS (aka home economics) isn’t offered in very many schools and many families live far from relatives who might be able to share sewing wisdom. I certainly did, and that’s why we’re here to fill that gap. Our cozy spot is all about helping youngsters like yours dive into the world of sewing, turning imagination into reality, one stitch at a time.

What We Offer:

  • Flexible Times: Whether you’re free after school, on a lazy Saturday morning, or even during the day (hello, homeschoolers!), we’ve got you covered. Our classes are 1.5 hours of pure sewing fun each week.
  • Starting Age: We welcome kids from age 8 and up. Curious about why? Check out our blog post Is my 8 year old ready for sewing lessons? for the scoop.
  • Small Classes, Big Hearts: With only four students per class, everyone gets the attention they deserve. It’s like having a sewing family where everyone knows your name.
  • Cool Curriculum: Using the awesome Kids Can Sew® program, your child gets their very own workbook with all patterns included. It’s all about building skills and having a blast.

Why Sewing Rocks:

Sewing is like a superpower! It helps with hand-eye coordination, boosts those math skills, and teaches patience and perseverance. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to express yourself and make something you’re proud of. And let’s not forget, it’s a stress-buster too.


through small classes so students felt heard and understood. A 1:4 teacher-student ratio in classes allows for healthy mentoring.


based on age and skill level through a proven curriculum with the opportunity to begin working with commercial patterns as ability and interest increase.


A multisensory activity, like sewing, helps students learn the information better making it more likely to stick. The result is a better understanding of all the benefits of the skill.

Benefits of learning how to how to sew:

  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Improves math and geometry skills
  • Practice following instructions and communication skills
  • Learns patience and dedication
  • Builds confidence in themselves and their skills
  • They learn how to use their imagination & creativity
  • Learn a lifelong skill they can use daily
  • Reduces stress and creates a sense of calm, improves mental health

Classes Tailored for You:

Sewing lessons are perfect for an after-school or Saturday morning (for those students who can’t make it during the week) to learn a new skill!

Homeschool students have the option of a daytime slot 1:30-3 pm (Tuesdays & Wednesdays)

Students may begin their courses at any time and will share the classroom with students of various skill levels and ages.

Kids/Teen Classes:

  • Kids/Teen I Classes: Weekday (Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday at 3-4:30 pm)Kids/Teen II Classes (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 4:30-6 pm) options perfectly timed for school dismissals in the Forest Lake Area Middle and High Schools, as well as local private and charter schools, facilitating an easy transition to creative learning. *** Kids/Teen I and II refers to a session of the day, not sewing level.
  • Saturday Classes: For those with weekday commitments, offering the same enriching experience, ideal for students and families in the Forest Lake area whose schedules are packed during the week.
  • Homeschool Classes: Custom daytime sessions,Tuesday or Wednesdays 1:30-3 pm, for homeschool students in the Forest Lake area, ensuring they don’t miss out on this essential skill.

Adult/Teen Beginning or Intermediate Sewing classes:

  • For older teens and adults, this classes is for both the beginner using the Kids Can Sew curriculum and for more the experienced students to delve deeper into sewing and pattern adjustments, available in the evenings or on Saturdays to accommodate extracurricular schedules, serving the diverse needs of the Forest Lake community and surrounding areas. Please visit the Adult/Teen Beginning Sewing or Sewing with Mentoring for more information.

Let’s Talk Cost:

Kids/Teen Tuition is based upon a guaranteed 12 weekly classes per semester/season. As mentioned before,students may begin their courses at any time. You will notice tuition will reflect the amount of weeks remaining.

The 1 ½ hr weekly classes will follow the Forest Lake School District 831 Calendar. When school is not in session or on holidays, we will not hold sewing classes. However, if a student misses a class through illness or a family vacation, there are no make-up days or reduction in tuition.

  • Kids/Teens: $290 per semester/season (fall,winter, & spring), which lines up with the school activity year. We’re all about keeping things simple and fun.
  • Registration: A $50 annual registration fee (invoiced separately) to secure your spot and cover your Kids Can Sew workbook & patterns. Easy peasy.

Sewing Supplies

Students are required to provide the fabric & notions for the sewing projects in the workbook, However, there’s no need to bring anything to your first class. Students will bring home a supplies list as they select each project from the workbook.

Our Promise:

We’re not just about teaching sewing; we’re about creating friendships and memories, building confidence, and having a ton of fun along the way. Discover the joy of sewing with us and give your child the gift of a lifetime skill.

So, why not join our Forest Lake sewing family?

Joining is a Breeze:

To join our sewing family, simply navigate to the Kids/Teen Sewing Classes tab, select your preferred time slot for the current season, and book your class. A separate registration fee includes all necessary materials to start your sewing adventure.

We can’t wait to meet you and see what amazing creations you’ll bring to life.

***For more details on our curriculum, class schedules, and how to enroll, please visit the relevant sections below.

2023 Kids/Teen Sewing Class through Bookeo

  • To Enroll in the navigate to the Kid/Teen Sewing Classes tab and purchase the Kids/Teen day/time slot you choose for the current season/trimester.
  • Then, on the class schedule, select the day of the week & time of your chosen class.
    Click the BOOK button to enroll your child in the class. You can choose to pay the $290 tuition online at the time of enrollment or you can pay cash/check in person on the first day of class.
  • A separate $50 registration covers the cost of workbook and pattern fee and books/confirms your child’s space in the class.
  • Registration fee and class tuition are non-refundable.

Kids Can Sew Year 1/Level 1- Classy Collection
Patterns Included:

  • Notions Bag
  • Sewing Pack (backpack)
  • Simple Skirt
  • Pant (pull-on)
  • Round Neck Blouse
  • Peasant Blouse
  • Peasant Nightgown
  • Cat Pillow

Skills Learned: Sewing symbols, reading directions, seam allowances, fabric layout, measuring, pinning, pattern layout, cutting, casings, hemming, facings, pivoting, and SEW MUCH MORE!

Kids Can Sew Year 2/Level 2- Fashion Collection
Patterns Included:

  • Maxi skirt
  • Raglan Tee-mid sleeve
  • Raglan Tee-short sleeve
  • Elephant Pillow
  • Shoulder Tie Purse
  • Easy Pleat Skirt
  • Lounge Pants

Skills Learned: Pleats, knits, drawstring waist, buttons & buttonholes, and SEW MUCH MORE!Reinforces skills learned in level one and more. Projects use woven cottons and knits.

Kids Can Sew Year 3/Level 3- Sassy Chic Collection
Patterns Included:

  • Cloe Dress
  • Pinwheel Pillow
  • Pleated Pouch
  • Petal Purse
  • Pant (pull-on)
  • Libby Leggings
  • Skater Skirt

Skills Learned: Clothing/craft zippers, gathers, exact seam allowances, inset sleeves and SEW MUCH MORE! Reinforces concepts learned in levels 1 & 2. Projects use woven cottons & knits.

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*Be sure that you are on the Classes tab and match the level class (pre-selected) you are signing up for*

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