Adult Sewing Classes

Adult Sewing Classes

The sewing classes at Sewing and Fitting Mentor are designed to meet you at the sewing level you are in your sewing journey.

Intro/beginner sewing (0.5): little or no sewing experience

Sewing and Pattern Fundamentals (1.0): for the advanced beginner or experienced sewist that has never used a pattern or sewn clothing.

Advanced Sewing and Fitting (2.0): This is for the intermediate sewist with experience making garments that want to learn more advanced sewing and pattern fitting techniques. Learn how to work with more challenging fabrics and designs.

Class sessions are limited to 6 students per session. This is due to the number of sewing stations that have been safely distanced apart. The studio, sewing machines, and all studio equipment are wiped down between students and class sessions.

When you register for a class level you are purchasing a package of class sessions. You then select which day and time you would like to begin your classes once paid registration has been received. You may also choose to attend once or several times a week until you reach your limit of sessions. At that time you are welcome to renew for more sessions

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