Adult Sewing Classes

Adult Sewing Classes

Are you ready to have sew much fun with us?! 

Sewing classes with The Sewing and Fitting Mentor are designed to meet you at the experience level you are at in your sewing journey.

Please note that at this time until further notice, class sessions are limited to6 students per session. This is due to the number of sewing stations that have been safely distanced apart. **The studio, sewing machines, and all studio equipment are sanitized between students and every class session.

When you register for a class level, you are purchasing a package of class sessions. You will be redirected to then select which day and time you would like to begin your first class once your paid registration has been received and accepted. You may also choose to attend once or several times a week until you reach your limit of sessions. When you use up the classes from your package, you are welcome to renew for more sessions in the same level or even level up.

Please read all course descriptions below carefully of each of the courses that we offer at this time. Each class is designed for your current skill set with the goal to assist you in growing your sewing abilities.

Think of your sewing as both learning how to drive and a choose your own adventure.

First, you have driving lessons. You begin by learning how to operate your machine and how to navigate making seams. After that, comes the behind-the-wheel lessons to become familiar with your area. Next, once you become comfortable, familiar with the area, and successfully navigate the terrain you are ready for bigger journeys.  Finally, you have reached the point in your sewing journey to choose your own adventure, aka a road trip, you are selecting a sewing project or pattern. 

You are starting at point A and need to get to your ending point B. Seems simple, right? It can be! You just have to plan out all of the little, mini stops you will have along the way. Sometimes you will need to take a detour, wait out the weather, or even just take a day to really take everything around you in.

Let’s see what stage of the journey you’re at with some quick details of our classes.

For those who are just at the beginning of their journey with a road map in mind, but unsure how to get to each destination, opt for the Introductory/Beginner Course to Sewing Also known as those with little or no sewing experience. This can be for anyone who has taken a sewing hiatus for a few years to someone with absolutely no sewing background who wants to learn the basics. We believe that anyone can learn how to sew, it just takes practice - you simply need to start somewhere!

When you’re on the path of your sewing road trip journey, you might find that there are more detours and construction in your way than just green flag racing on the freeway. If you are feeling like you have the basic understanding of where you’re going, but find it hard to get creative with the ride, you should consider my Sewing with Mentoring options. This takes you off the freeways and onto the scenic route of sewing. Ultimately helping you learn more creative, freeing ways to enjoy sewing and the end project.

Think you know this trip like the back of your hand? We like your style! For the intermediate sewist with experience making garments who wants to learn more advanced sewing and pattern fitting techniques, try our Advanced Pattern Fitting Course. This helps you hone your skills and get you to your final destination safely, but more importantly, helps you feel fulfilled in the long journey you took to get here.

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